Treasure Island

'80s PopTop

I’ve just returned from St. Petersburg/Treasure Island, Florida.  I’m working on a long promised web site for my Father and Art mentor JIm Crane. The initial effort is now posted at Don’t miss the “Faculty Meeting Folio” page. There be jewels. CC

3 thoughts on “Treasure Island

  1. I had such a good look around the site Carey, gosh it’s so wonderful I don’t know where to start. What an incredible influence, education, exposure you had in your life. I feel wonderful at the thought, envious in what is hopefully a collegial way, I dunno, it’s just so special to have all that experimentation and bravery so close at hand! What a great artist he is. Thanks so much for showing us.

  2. What can one say about such a rich amount of work over so many years? WOW. And so much going on in the 1960’s works….dark to light and back again and all so honed. WOW. And I believe it was the 70’s that wowed me with circles and dots, so close to my own heart. WOW. Thanks so much for putting that site together for your father, Carey, the good son. (I have no idea if there is yet another good son. =]…but you are one, CC)

  3. I just fell in love with Jim’s 60’s collages…absolutely superb! It is a great thing you are doing CC, producing this site. Brilliant artworks and site!

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