Crowdy Head Lighthouse

You guys continue to shame me with your production rate.  So I finally finished my first follow-on watercolor painting based on images of Australia, from this past trip in 2013.  It is of a lighthouse on high coastal hill along the northern coast of New South Wales.  These distinctive lighthouses could be found on many such headlands from Sydney north.  “Crowdy Head Lighthouse, NSW” is destined for a relative in California who graciously hosted me on my way to Oz in August.  He love lighthouses so I’m going to surprise him (unless he figures it out from my other Facebook/status posts.)




2 thoughts on “Crowdy Head Lighthouse

  1. Lotsa thinking time happens when we’re not working. It’s all ticking away in the background.
    I have to exempt myself from the ‘productive’ class for now, definitely working, definitely working steadily, but far from productive at the moment. And loving seeing the productivity of the others.

  2. Light touch.
    I’ve really like your loose field sketches and remembered landscapes, where you let fly (but of course.) That said, strong contrasts and ultramarines with blacks (blue-blacks?) Strong. You will make your relative in CA. Very Happy. CC

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