I am sorry to report that I have given up on my quest to count all of my biscuit tins! I lost the will after the first thousand. There are so many shelves full of small tins…so many that it would take days to finish. However my friends and I agree that there are at least 3,000. They are now neatly stowed away. ( Not dusted Nolan!) cx


4 thoughts on “Sorry

  1. Whew. No dusting allowed. Over 3,000? Yes, ms. Christine, this IS an obsession. Are you still buying them? Huh?

  2. only the odd one or two!! The rest turn up on my doorstep like orphans. People like adding to my collection. cx PS I have another collection that is going to get an airing next week. It’s going to be quite exciting!

  3. Christine, might you be living in a converted warehouse? It would be my dream home!

  4. Nolan, I have a commercial property. It is divided into several parts. On the top floor there is a 3br apartment. Below is a 1br apartment that everyone calls my ‘New York Pad’. Also on the ground floor is a small Laundromat that my husband set up shortly before he passed away. Hence the gallery next to it was named ‘Dirty Linen’. There is a small shopfront to the gallery, which is 12m x 8m. There are another couple of small rooms and a massive storage area full of old paintings an assemblages etc. The rates are horrendous, so I have tenants upstairs. I love the gallery/ studio space, especially when I have visitors like Susan and Jenny G who came in for ‘Sunday at the Linen’. I will try to find some pics for you. Maybe one day you can come and stay a while?? cx

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