Awaiting a gallery’s response.

Well, dang. A couple of weeks ago I had a Tucson, AZ gallery (a pretty good one) approach ME about sending them a package with pix of one of my series….they’d seen on my website and an artist who shows with them suggested they check my work out (a great surprise to me…a good surprise, too). So I sent off the package and I wait. He’s had it about a week. Dang, I really want in this gallery. Have emailed him 2 of the newer images and he did reply: ‘I’ll get back to you soon.’ huh? A yea or a nay is pretty easy, isn’t it? hmmmmmmm. Think positive thoughts for my inclusion, please.


9 thoughts on “Awaiting a gallery’s response.

  1. Wow, that’s so positive Nolan. Nice work. Hang in there, don’t worry about them making a quick decision. They might be seeing where you fit in amongst his show offerings eh?
    Ommmmmmmm 😀

  2. Ommmmmmmmmmm it will be. thanks, Adrienne. Fingers crossed. Learning more balance, literally, in yoga+ class. Not easy. =]

  3. Oh, ah’m a-hoping with all fingers crossed! Hey, hang on a minute – why would I need to cross my fingers with a talent like yours! Ridiculous! Of COURSE they’ll want your work!

  4. Thanks, Jenny, Christine and Adrienne. I’m IN. At least I’m to send or take 3 pieces for a ‘try out.’ Totally acceptable.

  5. So great Nolan, will you ship them or drive over for a wee trip?

  6. plan on making the wee trip, after I do a couple new ones….he told me he’d wait.

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