Wide Bay – High Desert II

We are very excited to announce that Wide Bay High Desert will be happening again in 2015! Jenny, Catherine and I are all really excited to be continuing this project again and planning another dual exhibition. There will of course be some changes, as we take on board what we learnt in 2013, and build on the experience and opportunity.

One of the first changes will be the exhibition will be held at Bundaberg Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) instead of Childers Arts Space. This will introduce a new audience to the project. The exhibition will be held at BRAG from the 25 August to the 25 October 2015, and for the months of September and October at Unsettled gallery.

We are still in a planning phase in regards to artists participation, as we look to what will add value to the exhibition, but we will keep you all posted in regards this.

What we would love you all to start thinking about is suggestions for a theme, and we thought the blog could be a good formum for this discussion. As you will be aware last year we asked all the artists to create works based on the unique culture and landscape of where they are from. 12 months on, and having got to know each other and your art practices better, we are interested to hear what you would be interested in responding to and working towards. What would be a good visual conversation to bring together two different communities?

Lots of planning ahead of us, but we are so delighted to be able to do this exhibition and project again.





14 thoughts on “Wide Bay – High Desert II

  1. Congratulations BRAG and Unsettled 😀 It’s great news and well done to you all for making it happen.

  2. Oh, how exciting!! And a great decision, because the first episode of WBHD has been so successful, both in terms of the work produced, and also in friendships made. The WBHD artists and (Catherine, Trudie and Jenny) offer each other so much support and encouragement. It has been such a positive experience all round.
    All the best for episode two!!! cx
    PS Subjects: Possibly Environmental issues. pollution could be good subjects

  3. Latus et Altus . . . I think that a simple artist exchange is theme enough. The artists will tend to take it from there.

    Thank you all for the opportunity and support offered by WBHD I. All best, CC

  4. I dunno, but I like Christine’s idea of the environment….any way you want to look at it…is a swell theme.
    I had a lot of fun doing this show and I JUST framed up the four pieces I had over there for my upcoming solo (with Carey having his solo in the other large room at the gallery). O boy. Brave on!

  5. Weighing in again… hopefully not too heavily? I think artists all make a version of social/ environmental/cultural/political commentary in their work. Sometimes it’s really obvious, sometimes it’s private, both approaches and anything in between is the artists own intimate connection with their practice. In a way, a strong theme could end up feeling like a heavily directed commission and could take the spontaneity and zing out of the works. Cat, pigeons…

    I agree the exchange, the blog, the really open discussions about working practices and the daily ‘grind’ (including coffee breaks), these are the glues that held it all together.

    To toss in an idea, which would build on the exchange and actually create collaboration… perhaps artists could engage in a ‘global game’ of Exquisite Corpse’ from the Surrealists? I would certainly enjoy doing this with WBHD Version 1.0 members, if anyone is interested. Check out these two links, and scroll down to see the lovely contemporary versions: http://www.artesmagazine.com/2010/06/surrealist-art-form-exquisite-corpse-still-fascinates-artists-and-collectors/

    And a print based one: http://robbinamisilverberg.com/artwork/collaborations/emandulo-re-creation/

    Working small and flat and lightweight would be cost effective for mailing, and a system could be developed for folding so that the artist only sees their working panel, then refolds to send on once their done.

    Or maybe the new Sunday print group could embark on a game?
    The End :-]

  6. This is what I found under “Expectations” in our WBHF agreement :
    “Artworks must be influenced by the unique landscape or culture from where the artist resides.”
    With that I think that we all came up with very different approaches. I’ll hazard three of my four were different in approach one from the other. Please keep WBHD broad. “Environment issues, pollution” could both fit into the original expectations. And so much more. Let the twoers run . . . CC

  7. ‘Let the twoers run…’ Carey, I don’t know what that means. uh oh. Adrienne….you’re probably correct in not honing a theme down too much. Tough decision, Jenny, Catherine and Trudie.

  8. ‘Let the twoers run…’

    Sorry, my meaning is a suggestion that Wide Bay, HIgh Desert Two (?) participants be allowed to: *”range and forage with relative freedom.”

    “Artworks must be influenced by the unique landscape or culture from where the artist resides.”
    I don’t think that scope is broken. It gave me just enough figurative clay to make my own “containers.” Still, challenge enough for a primarily abstract artist. For me, interpreting concepts is more akin to my museum work.

    (I believe that the original agreement merely states that “The project encourages the artist to develop a new audience for their art work.” Too much relative freedom?)

    Also from the 2013 WBHD agreement: “Participating artist in both countries will [!] also contribute to an online forum throughout 2013 as they prepare for the exhibition.” How important is the blog component to WBHD? It clearly has no bearing on how accomplished an artist is. If it remains a “will,” I think that a challenge of developing WBHD II may be selecting visual artists that take to blogging. How do you know in advance?

    *Merriam-Webster “Free-range”

  9. aw, the blog thing. Nice if you can do it, but the ‘will’ would have left out Peggy who could never figure out her password and how to change it so she could get back in….and Susan, who, for whatever reason hardly showed her words and images, out. Voluntarily, says I. And thanks for the ‘twoers’ info. I’m just slow, dang it.

    I agree, if new artists are to come in (and we cannot continue, dang again) I think the original project definition was great and could continue. It did give a lot of leeway to us all and we each used it differently.

  10. And I’m a big Trevor fan. Really liked his post, especially the “process” post. Would have liked to have seen more, but things happen and we have the work. Some of us can fill some cyberspace though. . . CC

  11. Thansk all for the feedback. Defiantely some great points for Jenny, I and Catherine to consider. What I really liked about 2013 was asking a group of artists with completely different practices to contemplate the same (though reasonably broad ) concepts of culture and landscape. Personally I think it was the range of different mediums, materials, approaches and styles that made the exhibtion of interest to the public. For the future I know we the organisers and promoters find it extremely useful to have a theme that can connect with, and attract an audience. So now we just need the right theme, one that allows artistic freedom for the artists, challenges and promotes new growth for individual’s artistic practice and earns an audience……hmmmm the cogs are turning. Also the blog for us was an experiment, unsure of how well it would be taken up or if it would be helpful in connecting a group of artists to each other, and to their followers and supporters. In response to your question Carey we never know who will or wont blog, we can only choose artists that are good at communication and hope for the best. But for me the blog has been a wonderful thing to see happen. The ongoing conversations and sharing between you all has been a great insight in to how you all tick, what your inspirations are, and the technical know how you possess…like how to fix a screwdriver through a painting!

  12. …now Trudie…did we hear you say inspirations!!! …Bloggers, we must discuss that at length!! Ha!

  13. Inspirations/schminspirations. It’s mostly hard work. But, having said that….music, poetry….
    And, regarding a ‘theme’….the one I’ve used for my new show is HOME BASE because it covers MY home and heart and head and loves and…. WAY open for me. I’m sure some baseball fan who sees the show will think me nuts, but, hey, I’m an artist…we’re artists….and we are nuts to many.

  14. Great to hear that WBHD lives on another year! Agree on broad themes, but if want something to chew on, perhaps the agricultural influences of each location, since there are some good differences due to climate and rainfall? But free range is probably best.

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