Postcard front for upcoming solo

Well, I’ll have a solo in one large area in the gallery whilst Carey has his solo in the other large room. Will be too much fun. April 12th through May 25th. Fingers crossed. I KNOW all the work will look swell, fingers are for sales. =]

I realize new artists will be invited to be in WB-HD II, but, I wanna! Image

8 thoughts on “Postcard front for upcoming solo

  1. What a great show it’s going to be! Can’t wait to see shots of them hanging… hmmm, too many sleeps until April 12 :-]

  2. Think: BUSY for Carey. He has his Unsettled opening in March and his RioBravoFineArt opening in April. yikes.

  3. Amen. Catherine says that we’re going to have a fight when I want to take work from Unsettled to Rio. There are worse problems to have. CC

  4. More good news is that Carey and I get an ad in Santa Fe’s THE magazine and I got to do the layout for it. Carey sent me such a beautiful image….I’m jealous and wish I’d done it. But, hey…way too involved for this simple painter. The ad…I’ll post soon…looks fabulous. O boy.

  5. You sound so excited Nolan…I’m feeling excited for you both too. Good luck.!!!

  6. Hey, my paintings are simple, just bits of one simple painting on top of another, on top of another, on top of another . . .

    THE is a great art magazine from our north country. It is exciting and Nolan did a great job with the ad design. CC

  7. That’s fabulous news about the Santa Fe mag. Looking forward to seeing the ad … and as Adrienne said … some images of the works hanging. Fingers crossed for a buying frenzy amongst art lovers and patrons in the southwest!

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