I’ve been busy on projects for family members and the horrible weather in northeast US has bottled me up from museums as well, so most art has been on hold for now.  But I keep the camera clicking, so here are a few visuals from a 2-week trip I took back to NM earlier in the month, including a couple from the Albuquerque Zoo.  Enjoy!















7 thoughts on “Images

  1. Love the fur fence shot, too. But where on earth did you find a rhino in Santa Fe?

  2. Hey Desert Lady, isn’t it a hippo in AlbeQ? I also love the fur and fence.
    Little fingers reach out toward the fur to stroke, stroke, stroke.
    Beautiful images Dave. Thanks.

  3. oops, thanks A….HIPPO (not YOU, the picture I called a rhino). What a dope am I. Yes on the beautiful pix, too, Dave. NOW, when you coming home?

  4. Great images yet again Dave! Yep, the fur/fence also caught my eye first up (as did the ‘frozen’? slug) but on second and third views I think I like the mountains with sheds and the berries against a wall just as much.

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