2 new and an old revisted with some BLUE

Well, I’ve finally discovered blue (other than indigo). Not an easy color for me but I’m enjoying using it for awhile at least. Also my new Cad. Orange is making a small appearance. 

YOUR JOURNEY WITH MINE with added BLUE and removal of a lot of grey. 16″x 16″ oil/canvasImage


Next: RIVERS YET TO CROSS  12″x 12″ oil/canvas



and last: I don’t know the title yet. 12″x 12″ oil/canvas



11 thoughts on “2 new and an old revisted with some BLUE

  1. ‘ Your Journey with mine’ – Love the way you move that paint around!

  2. I like “Journey . . . ” I think that I could live with untitled yet. Dark and rich as 70% to 90% cacao. CC

  3. untitled has become: WRAPPED IN A STILL MOOD. Thanks CT and JCC

  4. I think I’m saving these really small ones for Las Cruces. THEN, if they don’t sell (sigh) they can find their way up to TorC

  5. Thanks, Christine. You have no idea how hard it is to find them. Thanks to other people who write lyrics and poems…

  6. They are all beautiful, but I’m also captivated by ‘Mood’, there is something luscious going on with that palette Nolan. If I was there for the LC opening, I suspect there could be a tussle with Carey to get to it first! Which could be funny, AND create some publicity, AND a buying frenzy!

  7. haha, good one, Adrienne. Most people I’ve sent the 3 to say they like JOURNEY… best. I’m with you guys, but, of course, love them all. So says the confident artist. Interesting that I’m LEAST confident about JOURNEY.

  8. I just LOVE that luscious paint on all three Nolan! Hope to get to see some of your paintings ‘in the flesh’ one day 🙂

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