Well, the stretcher frames for the commission arrived on the weekend – a large diptych. A couple of months work ahead there. I will stretch and prime them early next week and spend the days left this week scribbling and scratching on paper.




15 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. CC, I didn’t know you could count too???
    Two sets of commission ones, gonna paint two ‘pieces’ at once, see which one starts leading me to the good places. The little one was just there to see if you could count :-0

  2. I chortled in that ‘oh that’s baaaaaaaad’ way, thus producing a happy countenance. Keep on…

  3. Tough call there CC ….stretching…hmmmmm! I will have to get back to you on that. How about you Adrienne! cx

  4. Not really stretching. Cradling. Two smaller pieces meant for T or C Catherine now has to include in Unsettled show. Should finish the cradle tonight and deliver before Saturday reception.

    Smalls sell better, and I think that they are nice so I know where she is coming from.

    I have one very re-worked painting that Catherine want’s to name with some elaborate title about a mortally wounded Grendle retreating to his lair beneath the bog. Whew. Sometimes you just make ’em and people run with it.

    With luck three of five WBHD paintings will have found homes soon. One found a home during the show, one is happy placement is hopefully pending, and there is some interest in the Agave Nocturne that traveled to and from Australia. A sale means art supplies for T or C work in April. About a month to go. CC

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