Red dress baby


I would probably name this – ‘Her favourite dress.’ cx


4 thoughts on “Red dress baby

  1. lovely CT..she so loves her red dress….as a tiny girl I had a polka dot blue and white dress…well I wouldn’t wear anything else, so days were spent naked under the hills hoist clothes line waiting for it to dry…

  2. Ha!!! What a gorgeous story Turquoise…there’s a new work in it for you!! See you tomorrow at the Linen! cx

  3. Hi Christine. Do you still find time to paint? Are you ever inspired to paint or draw by your digital art? CC

  4. Ha!!! I have been painting the last few weeks, but only rabbits for my granddaughters. I only really make and paint collages which I will tell you about when I can post a picture…..probably tomorrow. I haven’t made one for a couple of years now.

    I like to always be learning something new. I am wanting to become better at video production, and I enjoy video projection and its challenges. I can’t say what I need to say in paint any more. Objects speak to me still. cx

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