‘The Return to Land’

Updating you regarding my beach installation. Shelley Pisani, of Creative Regions had mentioned the opportunity when I caught up with her recently. I wanted to take part in the project by Creative Regions that would be my contribution to their mission to reactivate spaces affected by the recent tornados and floods.

I have a collection of 210 plastic bbq paper plate holders, shaped like fish.I wanted to install them on the beach to draw attention to the problem of water pollution

‘My reason for showing the plastic fish at the beach was to suggest in an artistic way my own concerns about water pollution. Fish and other marine creatures are ingesting plastics and this can lead to them feeling full, when they are actually starving. Hard plastics can rupture their internal organs. And , of course there are so many other awful hazards such as brutal entanglements. One has only to read about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch to be quite horrified about the global threat to sea creatures from water pollution. Of course we have our share of local nightmares too. I suggest, artistically that the fish are coming to the land to escape from the water that has become so toxic. The fish are becoming plastic’.

I had a wonderful band of helpers and many photographers too, including Brad Marsellos from ABC Open Wide Bay.


Below ‘Catch’.catch

David Quarrell flew a drone over the installation.

Keith Stewart made a great video of behind the scenes activity. So much equipment there. Click on the blue title below.

The Return to Land

Brilliant video thankyou Keith!

Thanks to all the wonderful helpers and also to Pamela Fisher, who is a tireless worker.

4 thoughts on “‘The Return to Land’

  1. I really admire that your work in and of this world. These are like materialized mind projections. Far from the mediations of a galleries or museums that , yes are my vocation/avocations. Just cool, OK? CC

  2. Thanks Carey…I hope I can fix this video of Keith Stewart’s for you to see. cx

  3. Have oohed much on Faffbook, but yes this is a beautiful piece of art making. Thanks Chris xx

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