Unsettled again…

Think this small piece is another to be saved for the Unsettled showing in August (for me). Not sure. May simply move from RioBravoFineArt to Unsettled. This little 12″x 12″ oil on canvas is: THIS GIFT. Image

Ha, I just thought…the gift of green was Spring coming up here in the USofA, but think GREEN….get my drift? Environmentally, seasonally, and ca$hwise. I like it!



3 thoughts on “Unsettled again…

  1. Yeah, that scenario is happening to me in reverse “Rio Bravo” pieces are going to stop first in the Unsettled. The best laid plans . . .

    I may post ’em here soon. CC

  2. Hi Nolan, I’m no Nolan Ouvre expert, but is your brushwork getting looser, surface more built up?
    Do you have an aim/thread right now, or are you riding the flow?CC

  3. simply riding the wave, JCC. The brush? Always the same. The texture? Built up due to an old painting underneath. Love it when I paint over old stuff. This ‘wave’ has been rolling for a few years now, just moving along. The somewhat representative stuff will flow back someday soon, no doubt. And, they ARE coming closer together. Well, a bit closer.

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