Certain Signs Reception

IMG_1042 - Version 2“Certain Signs” Opening Reception was yesterday afternoon, March 8th.  Five paintings found ‘Forever Homes” including the new painting “Moon Shadow” (pictured) once slated for RioBravoFineArts, which will never grace those walls.

Thanks to A for the timely text message and the rest of you for support here and in spirit. Nolan was there with eagle-eyed Winkler and dug a secret fave. One of our own claimed the WBHD painting “Waiting for Sir Richard” by e-mail. They may make themselves known should they so desire (Thanks!)

Catherine and Don pulled it all together and Peggy, Maggie, and Heather Barret sometimes Crane made/brought great food fare. Oh, and HBsC looked stunning. More pics here for awhile:



8 thoughts on “Certain Signs Reception

  1. Was a swell opening, CC. And WOW, congratulations on FIVE sales. Only one had gone by the time we left. And Moon Shadows was Winkler’s favorite so happy it sold as it’s good to know what good taste he has, too. ha. So, which ones went? I was plugging that beautiful Ganges one to all. The beautiful orange of it all. Did it go? Or the other beauty on the grey wall? Or the Agave Nocturne? BRAVO and hope you have as much success in TorC.

  2. Hey Nolan. “Nocturne” went to a lady that has the good taste if not the means to be buying one of your paintings too (AND has one of A’s.) “Nocturne Agave” went to Australia and back for WBHD.

    “Moon Shadow” as mentioned with paint barely dry.

    One of the 8 X 16″s – “On the Wall” that I believe I posted on this blog goes to Raul Dorn and Tauna Cole Dorn. I’ve nominated Raul for “WBHD II: Wider and Higher.”

    “Runes,” the one that I told you was influenced by you. Think I posted it too under a provisional name. If you click on the link Catherine and Jeannie Rundell are looking at it. Jeanie is also a mutual patron of ours BTW.

    “Waiting for Sir Richard” went to a WBHD blog mate of ours. Three of 5 WBHD paintings have now gone forth into the world. “Agave Defiant” is the one that went during the WBHD show run. It was framed and hung in its new home just this week. Unsettled lay-away plan you know. The second BRAG painting of the zia is still rolled up.

    “Summit on the Ganges” I do personally like. I expect that it will go to the RioBravo show. I won’t be heart broken if it stays in our comprehensive collection of Carey Crane’s for awhile.

    Thanks again making it down. CC

  3. It’s all just fantastic, Carey. Is that Nocturne one in the lay away plan or bought by Rebecca? If so, she’s been paying off one of mine she saw in my studio 3 years ago! About 6 months or so to go. ha. Good for her if it was her.

  4. Oh it sounds like a great, great event CC. Sure as heck wish we’d been there of course. So great the Winklers could get down, along with all those other art friends … and collectors. Woohoo 🙂

  5. I’m glad (and sad) that Nocturne Agave has found a home … but it would never have left Australia if I’d had enough $$$ to make it stay 🙂

  6. What a fabulous result CC!! You must be thrilled! The gallery looks absolutely superb with your amazing works gracing its walls. Congats on so many sales!! Brand new canvases this week! cx

  7. Thanks all! Yes Christine, I am looking forward to getting back as much as possible to the painting side of things. Those uncharted stretcher bars of A’s . . . I’m with you girl.

    Jenny – I’f I’d know that you really liked the Agave Nocturne I might have thought things through differently on its return – You and the BRAGarts did such an amazing job – but RS did express an early interest based on a photo and I wanted to give her a shot at making it hers. Nolan – RS is indeed she-that-can’t-afford-paintings-but-signs-on-for-the-lay-away-plan-inspite-of-herself.

    The great thing about openings and artists talks is the direct feedback. I’m getting that they can be two way learning experiences. I’m losing the dread of them and gaining confidence. It helps that the Unsettled draws such nice folks and that only a very few pained and perplexed partners are dragged along.

    Really, y’all are the best. CC

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