DREAM CYCLE    12″x 12″ oil on canvasImage

Well, I had opened my little tube of Cad. Orange oil paint a couple of weeks ago just to try it out on the maroon painting WRAPPED IN A STILL MOOD posted here. A few dots/circles with a hint of it. Today, after being so enthralled with one of Carey’s orange PLUS paintings, I decided it was time to try o r a n g e. Over dark colors and with titanium white. Love that color. Thanks for the push, CC.

11 thoughts on “ORANGE

  1. Gotta love the Cads. Fair enou if I pushed. doman’s wax and crayons in this show are from you via WBHD. CC

  2. Cadmium “Looms Large in his Legend.”

    In Ed Harris’ movie “Pollock” the Jackson character “accidentally ” looses a rivulet of paint onto a raw canvas rolled out on the floor. Music cue eureka. a good movie-moment, but apocryphal.

    If a biopic was ever made of my father, there would be an index chapter called “Cadmium Red.”

    Dad was in his grad school studio when he knocked a large jar of cadmium red to the floor. Cadmiums were and are expensive pigments. Dad grabbed some rags to wipe up the precious cadmium. When he un-wadded the rag, he thought that the resulting patterns were more interesting than anything he was working on. He borrowed some lacquer from a fellow student to use as an adhesive, fixed the rag to a substrate, and painted back into it. [Ed. Note: DO NOT use lacquer as an adhesive unless . . . dad switched to polymer shortly after.] His painting/collages were never the same again. CC

  3. Artists can find art anywhere hey? cx Wonderful story. CC

  4. Sorry Nolan, you mentioned “cadmium” and I’ve started associating. My Father studied with Murray Jones at Michigan State. This short bio mentiones Jone’s studies in Japan and his use of lacquers. Note his short life span. Dad always attributed that at least in part to his use of that wonderful but potentially deadly material. I’ve only discovered Jones’ work very recently after talking to dad about his life and career. M. Jones:

    BTW, I can see the influence of Jones on my Father’s and therefor my art work. Jone’s much subtler than mine though. I tend towards the color and profusion, but I surely love this approach. CC

  5. Powerful work by Murray Jones. I can see that influence particularly on your father’s work Or visa versa? cx

  6. CC … DORLAND’S wax. =] It is what is giving me all the texture on these little pups.

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