New as Sunday


New as Sunday. Process photos for a gallery talk posted at:


6 thoughts on “New as Sunday

  1. I really enjoyed your post with the generous sharing of your processes. cx

  2. Loved clicking on the final photos, what a stunning piece – that paper collage area is, um, ‘touchable’. Thanks Carey. This will make a great artists talk for you (and for art making) – the mysteries of layering unpeeled and yet it’s the touch of the individual that brings it together.
    By the way, I couldn’t make this link work above, this one might be better for people:

  3. What a fantastic journey through your creative process Carey (and great documentation by Heather). Thanks for sharing, and I hope the presentation on Saturday at Unsettled is a big success.

  4. This was so interesting, CC. I cannot imagine all the ‘work’ going into this painting/collage. Makes me, who simply paints and uses a yam for printing, feel like a slacker.

  5. Hi Nolan,
    No need to imagine. It is all pretty much stepped out on the link. While one area was setting/drying I could develop another. Allowing for some improvisation, this time I knew what was next two or three steps ahead, straight up. All in a days work. For better or worse literally in this case. Some take days over years. Some take a day session or two. Since I used a commercial prepped canvas and fast setting materials outside, this is about an eight hour painting/collage including breaks and documentation. CC

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