Procrastination can be a process to make progress

Working in Christine’s spacious space on Sunday is always productive and joyful.    118_AWLiving up to our name of the Hard Pressed print group we found ourselves painting and not printing—we have actually set a date to do a print, ahuh—and we both unearthed some gold, or in Christine’s case, some silver. Below she is applying some silver leaf to a beautifully textured piece, and I really enjoyed watching her work into it with a brush and take pieces away to leave a subtle balance of bling.

119_AWI was working on sketches for the commission, the stretching and priming took me longer than I thought and the intermittent procrastination about the sketching also consumed some time. “Creative avoidance is also thinking time” says a friend of mine. And it seems true for me. Then, standing in Christine’s space on Sunday as I was starting to scribble with a pencil I had a little lightbulb moment that brought together thoughts of colour, site, space. It did feel like all those thoughts were coalescing.

122_AWIn an excited tone I announced to Chris that I was going to start with a really dark grey green base, that it felt like the site I was painting called for it, and it made more sense of  the current drought I’m seeing every day.

At one point Chris turned around, looked over and said “you’re painting the colours you’re wearing”. There was a little bit of falling about laughing – and there I was thinking it was a profound moment of influence from memory and photographs when really I must have been literally navel gazing!

121_AWAt that point we needed a tea break, and I nervously had the first cuppa from Chris’s new tea cup. Look at that handle? Fortunately Clumsy Adrienne was not present.

120_AWSo, sketch done, beautiful diptych canvasses stretched, primed and dried and ready for that grey green base. Here ends the procrastination.



9 thoughts on “Procrastination can be a process to make progress

  1. Wow, looks like you both had a great studio day! Jealous of that giant space….though if it were mine, it’d be loaded with stuff. And she’s a collector….I’m impressed. Also VERY happy with those sketches…they look fabulous. As do Christine’s paintings/collages against the wall. Gosh….good stuff going on over there.

  2. Yes, that was a funny moment. Adrienne’s small sketches turned out beautifully and she left Dirty Linen with a smile on her face like the cat that got the cream!

    Nolan, I had done a bit of tidying up as there is an exhibition in the gallery opening the 28th of March…called Just Nudes. Should be an interesting one.

    As it turned out Carey, I am making a collage for a friend, hence the blue and silver work. I have almost entirely covered the silver though as it was not integrating well with the acrylics and was far too dominant.

    This work is a collage of doilies, embossed wallpaper, plastic tablecloths etc…acrylic on canvas. cx

  3. Love this post, love studio and process shots. Funny about the shirt color. Good chuckle.
    Christine, you are wearing gloves! Pristine.

    Very interesting what you say about dominant collage elements not integrating well cx. I think about this a lot when selecting papers and collage elements. Perhaps that is why I am renowned for subtlety and good taste ; ) CC

  4. Yes CC, This is not a case of OCD! Ha! – gloves make the handling of the silver leaf so much easier. cx

  5. I also taught Adrienne something else she didn’t know…i.e….Methylated spirits dissolves acrylic paint. You people know that don’t you?

  6. Ahuh, it’s true, I didn’t know that about the Metho! But really, the things I don’t know about acrylic paint… :-]

  7. I think visitors to DL are very productive, as there is not one other thing they can use to delay working, so ritualistic avoidance strategies fade away. There is always work going on here….my friend Brad calls DL – ‘Santa’s Workshop’.

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