Carey’s talk

I think you had your talk today CC. I’m sure it must have gone well. Good luck!! cx


6 thoughts on “Carey’s talk

  1. Time dif. I’m reading this at 7:59 a.m. Talk is at 1:30 this afternoon. I’ll take the good luck in advance. Thanks! CC

  2. Hi Christine, thanks for the luck. The PowerPoint worked perfectly, we had as many people as you’d want in the mid gallery at Unsettled Gallery, and people were engaged and asked good questions. Marc and Tina played a nice acoustic Blues set after the talk. All and all best as I could hope for. CC

  3. Oh, you must be so happy… It is a very good slide show…so good for you CC! cx

  4. fantastic, Carey. Sorry Winkler and I couldn’t make it this time. Dang.

  5. Must admit, a slide show of me doing a painting? B O R I N G. But your show was interesting! In April, er, Arpil, Catherine asked me to give a short talk (along with another artist, I believe) and I agreed to do it. Never know WTF I’m gonna say till I get there. hmmmmmm. Maybe I should think about it. ? Nah.

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