Desert edge

I’ve just arrived in Charleville to spend some time through the week sketching and chatting with architecture and engineering students as they work their way through the early stages of an assignment. It’s about design for sustainable futures, and run by their professor (a good mate of mine).
Hopefully I can post some sketching progress.

Just over 3000 people live in Charleville and it’s surrounding red earth makes you feel very close to the inland deserts.

Flying in this morning I saw many beautiful abstracted shapes and patterns. And these river red gums on the banks of a Warrego River waterhole … sigh. Hard to photograph the flies though. I’ve told the students I will buy a gift for the first person who transits a fly up the nose and out the mouth. Hope that’s not me!



5 thoughts on “Desert edge

  1. Beautiful country. I love the views out of the plane window. A more pleasurable way of transit than what’s planned for the fly. CC

  2. CC I think it’s an unplanned transit for both parties!

  3. Yes, that’s how I like to engage with the landscape…from a great height!! cx

  4. Hahahaha that’s perfect Chris – we make a great team with me doing the ground work 🙂

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