Warrego River Waterhole?

Adrienne, Here is collage detail I was working on Sunday that reminds me of your arial photo (re-posted below it.) CC



9 thoughts on “Warrego River Waterhole?

  1. Wow! That’s a beautiful looking piece CC. When I took that photo on Monday it would’ve been about 8pm your time on Sunday night. How amazing.

  2. It was even closer before the circle of fabric/paper was overlaid. “Copper” leaf still shows through. You might not pick this detail out of the finished piece. Fun similarity though. Clear day flying reveals many great patterns. I sometimes wonder how abstract is abstraction really? CC

  3. Dwelling as I do in the appearance of phenomena, I’m considering conciously using Adrienne’s other aerial photo as a starting point for a future collage. With her blessing . . . CC

  4. Oh please do Carey, I did a small gouache sketch from it and it’s not good, so I’m going to go back and work over it, or maybe go bigger, or start again sans gouache. Mmmmmm, or just let you handle it :-]

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