Geothermal Dark Star

DarkStarGeothermal Dark-Star or some such, new for the RioBravo Show with Nolan. 20 X 20″




4 thoughts on “Geothermal Dark Star

  1. Mmmm. Would love to see this in the flesh Carey. the marks are beautiful. Are some of the finer swirls with the tool similar to what I bought with you in Santa Fe? Deft mark making.

  2. Hi A, the marks are from a combed pallet knife. I’ve started turning it on one edge like a compass to echo spirals or rocking edge to edge and turning for “waves.” I’ve used that “Martha Stewart Living ®” metallic medium all over and sprinkled in some yard dirt and gravel. Also – remember that strong spiral paper from the artisan? I’ve embedded it here in leaf and paint instead for having it lay on the surface. This one is centered and dark in contrast with the postcard image. wanted it to look solid as a slab of stone. CC

  3. YES! Slab of stone, and so it does look thus. That paper keeps delivering hey? No wonder you looked so gleeful with it in hand – synapses were pinging all over the Artisan shop. So another name for Mr Tooly Tool is a combed pallet knife? As you can see, I had no idea what it was called :-] Mmmm the metallic in reality must be beautiful.

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