Mr Tooly Tool has some ‘work’ done


So, this is one of those sentences I just love saying/writing/singing: “When I was in Santa Fe with Carey and H we went to an art shop” (probably won’t be the last time you hear me say that). CC showed me these little silicone brush tools—yes, I discovered we can buy them in Bundaberg—and so I bought a couple.

I tried using one tool on a painting and it was so perfectly uniform – I can’t really describe how bad it looked, how out of place. Not to be put off, I have had a scalpel session with Mr Tooly Tool and hacked out that uniformity and I think it might actually work for me now. In background, the drying commission bases await the next layer. All proceeding at a glacial pace. Perhaps I’ve been tooling around?

Now, back to chatting about how when I was in Santa Fe with Carey and H we went to an art shop, a museum, a margarita happy hour, did I mention the Indian village in Taos? I know, such a bore!


3 thoughts on “Mr Tooly Tool has some ‘work’ done

  1. I think that the little face drawn on is what’ll make it work.

    Perhaps tools and media can be too pristine at first? I’ve read that DeKooning would boil his brushes to make them more “rubbery.” I like a new brush, but you can scrub away with an old one. It also took a long time for me to use that Artisan purchases spiral paper – so beautiful as is. Had to rub some dirt in its face so to speak. CC

  2. OLD, beaten, scrubbed brushes for this kid. Know what you mean, Adrienne, about having to ‘fix’ it. Carey….you’re just a whiz at anything involving paint and stuff.

  3. Totally have to agree with Carey – that face MUST be the key to making Mr Tooly Tool ‘work’!

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