Nolan’s “Home Base” intro panel, RioBravoFineArt, April 12, 2014


Nolan and Winkler with Friends and supporters.


Art Aficionado Eve and friend eye the food table after an exhaustive survey of CC’s work.


The Long Wall: CC “Akin” installation, next door neighbor to “Home Base”


Unsettled Gallery’s Catherine and Don on Busman’s Holiday to support Nolan and Carey


Nolan, Raul and Tauna, Winkler, Heather.

Thanks to Eduardo and the great folks at the Rio Bravo and to everyone that came out. CC

4 thoughts on “RioBravo

  1. Thanks for posting, Carey. We had a good time. Now, we await $ales. =] Two months up (almost) so there’s hope. So nice of Catherine and Donald to make the drive, and Raul and Tauna. And so many Hillsboro pals, wow. The fellow with the dog is also an artist/sculptor living in TorC, Jeff Barbour. Carey’s work looked fantastic in that big room….filled it beautifully. And my hair didn’t spike. Damn.

  2. Sounds like a great night, the works look so good and it’s a lovely looking space.
    Brava to you both!

  3. Carey, you could post more of your area with the art….it looked SO good!

  4. oops….it looks so good….still there for a few more weeks and our fingers are crossed.

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