Back to Reality

I returned to Las Cruces a week ago, and only made small dent in the backlog of to-do’s and art admin from my travels (the problem with clearing out a lot of my art on the road is I can’t keep up the paperwork as I go).  But good to be home and might even begin painting again in a week or so.  Slowly got started back out on the hiking trails as well.  House cleaning hasn’t been quite as high on the priority, but got 4 months of funk out of the car at last.


Last light at the top of Picacho Peak, with city and Organ Mountains behind.  Cross had been put up by someone for Easter, I suspect.



Notice the Kombi welcome mat from Oz?  The rest is art admin debris….endless.


My bottlebrush welcomed me home with its first flower since I planted a piece of Oz in the garden last year.  The house and garden seem more or less intact, other than the leak in the ice making water line on back of the fridge.  Lost some nearby small frames to that, but the artwork inside seems OK fortunately.  Small price from being on road since August.  Not done yet, alas, as tickets booked and lining up itinerary for trip to northern Europe, leaving early June.


One thought on “Back to Reality

  1. Paperwork is the gift that keeps on giving, isn’t it? So great to hear you’re back in your lovely home. And yes? where will you fit those new artworks. Heeeee. Nice work.
    Love the melalueca, what a lovely homecoming.

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