A messy mind?

128_AWIsn’t that’s what said about the messy desk… hmmm… it’s very appropriate this week. Having just signed the commission, it’s time to try to bring some order into some much neglected paperwork.

I’m definitely in a familiar (and strange) head space after finishing a big piece – where I look at it and wonder who painted it. Maybe in the finessing one ends up looking at smaller areas, refining, tweaking, adding, obliterating. Then at some point you deem it’s time to stop and then every encounter afterwards is a bit of a surprise? Not sure if that’s the right word. But stepping away and finding the desktop seems the best approach for today.

This piece is very literal, but the ‘client’ had some stunning trees on the property so this is where it came to. ‘Spotted glens, sighing after rain’ Oil on canvas 100cm x 95cm x 2


A lamp blew in my tungsten lights, so focus isn’t great, but I will take another shot tonight (pics will open in separate window if you click on ’em). And below, for scale, note Sunday and I are both looking a little ‘soft and fuzzy’ here. Time for a good lie down perhaps?



4 thoughts on “A messy mind?

  1. You did a brilliant job on this commission, Adrienne. BRAVA. Dang, when you wonder how it happened? That’s the BEST feeling when a painting is completed. And it is even beautiful! Your ‘clients’ will be so pleased!!!!!

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