When it rains….

I wake withWow, yesterday I got a commission to paint and calligraphy a series of 5 cards for the publishing house I do some work for. O boy.

This morning I got an email and call that a new gallery in Santa Fe wants to include my work. Winkler and I will drive 8 pieces up tomorrow and turn around and come home tomorrow (10 hours in the auto!) because they need to hang the opening show this weekend. The official opening is next weekend and we’ll go up and stay at least overnight for that one. Can’t stay overnight this time (kids live there so it’s easy) because we have guests coming here Friday afternoon. BUSY time and I’m happy as a clam.

Since the new work is still up in TorC and some of it goes to Las Cruces in a coupla months, I’m taking work from the series I had at the Las Cruces Museum last year. Wheeee, some of my favorite works and I love when I get another chance to show/sell them. Fingers crossed. I WAKE WITH WONDER. I WAKE AT HALF AST 4 is one of the paintings going on the trip.


6 thoughts on “When it rains….

  1. Woooooohoooooo Nolan. That’s such wonderful news. Can picture you both heading up the highway to Santa Fe 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m feeling good about it. Not a big gallery…In a space I used to print monotypes in. My friend who suggested me/my work says it’s a bit ‘funky.’ That’s okay with me at the moment. I just want my work UP there where the $ visits. ha

  3. Our trip was easy, relatively speaking. And got to see the kids for 45 minutes. Will stay with them when we go back next. Friday for the opening. The gallery owners are really nice, younger than I am (that’s too easy, isn’t it?), both artists and good ones. And the Santa Fe pal who suggested me to them dropped by, too, so it was too much fun. I took 8 pieces up, thinking they’d send me home with 2 or 3 as storage is a problem, but they wanted them all. Too happy.

    Carey: That Tucson gallery has not been in touch since I took work to them, sigh. Thanks for the reminder…gonna email them to see what’s up.

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