Todd Walton…fabulous California author and his fab brother…

So, Todd Walton used my painting LONG WAY FROM HOME to ‘illustrate’ one of his articles and blogs in California. His brother saw it, emailed me for info on the painting and just let me know today he and his wife are purchasing it! Great day in this Saturday morn!!!

This has been just the best art week for me in many moons. Now, as soon as I finish a 5 card calligraphy and illustration (backgrounds are of my paintings, ha) I can get back to making NEW work. Cannot wait, though the calligraphy is fun. Happy Day!safari one150


3 thoughts on “Todd Walton…fabulous California author and his fab brother…

  1. You are on a great roll there Nolan …glad to hear that you are getting this well deceived recognition.
    I will be back to the blog shortly. Have had a job for the Bundaberg museum and also i haven’t got internet access at present. Therefore I am having breakfast at Mac Donalds, where i can get Wi Fi access. Their coffee is not too bad. I have been copying images from the Ryden book I purchased recently. I am so enjoying quiet evenings with my pencils and papers.

    Talk soon….miss you all. cx

  2. Quiet evenings….aren’t they great? We gave up TV satellite about 5 years ago and read nightly. I also write letters to two friends sans computers. Nice. And, Christine….McD’s coffee is NOT good. Not BAD, maybe. =]

  3. tomorrow night’s the night….off to Santa Fe for the art opening in the morn. O boy. Fingers crossed some wonderful people come. With taste and money would be swell, too. =]

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