Sant Fe fun

We had a great 21 hours in the ‘city different’ yesterday through this morn. Opening of the Wheelhouse Art space. The BLACK DOG DOWN show of owner, Joyce Stolaroff’s ceramic dogs…. With a cause….to raise awareness that black dogs (and cats) do not get adopted as much as other colors so get ‘put down’ more often. Raising $ to help keep them living till adoption happens. A few of us painters were her support team on the walls. ha. Nice space. Two pix of mainly my work and the dogs. Apropos….she had 13 of them. Sold one last night but is having another opening specifically for raising $ for the cause. wish her luck.

   My work is 2-3 years old as the show of new work has not yet come down. I probably like this work better anyway. Happy to show it again.ImageImage






Some of the doggies with Winkler going to pet one. My pal, Bill Sortino’s paintings on the long wall.Image


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