Sign Painting R Us. s i g h

So, when I need to make some money and haven’t sold a painting in awhile I will agree to do some local signpainting. You all know how it is….an artist needs to make SOME money. And I do this dopey work AND calligraphy and design greeting cards and calendars (now and again) to make the money till paintings sell. So, two months ago, I agreed to do the following sign. JUST repaint it because the pro did such a ‘non readable’ job of it. TWO months ago I agreed. Then, this last Friday noon, less than 24 hours before a big opening show at the biz, they finally gave me the words they needed on the sign and the sign itself! I told them to throw my original quote out the door….WAY out. Had to remove vinyl letters…a gazillion of them, remove the glue from them, sand and clean the sign. THEN I got to paint the sign. haha. Got it to them to put up TEN minutes before the opening. They were SO pleased. Me, too. It’s over. And I’ve gotten lots of card and painting commissions in that two months of waiting for them. Ya give people good breaks on pricing and look what happens? O well, local people. What’s an artist to do? Paint the bloody sign! Image


2 thoughts on “Sign Painting R Us. s i g h

  1. So good to see a sign with a hand in it. It is all vinyl letters anymore. Consider this a public service in the Keep Hillsboro Charming campaign. CC

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