commission work

We all love commissions, no? NO? haha. This one is for a Ritz Carleton somewhere in Florida I believe. Almost finished. All I have to do is glaze the one on the right with a blue….it will change the color and make it more dramatic. One on left took two days of cutting potatoes, painting and printing. One on right? Today only. Studio is already getting pretty warm. Began at 8am this morn. Finished the right one (so far) at 9:40. I know it must seem boring to some to simply be printing thousands of dots/circles but I just love the way they take me in and out and in again. These are NOT a diptych….but will hang somewhat close together, I’m told. Probably behind a reception desk.

Question: Is anyone still on this site? =]


whoa, and here is that 2nd one with the green glaze and finito.  

Then, from those two I did a 3rd piece just for me/consultants/galleries….TROPICAL FROTH 22″x 30″ mixed media on paper.

give me the sea 150 Today? Gonna do another small one as an ode to the seas.


4 thoughts on “commission work

  1. well, it is good to know SOMEONE is around. Feeling like I’m posting for nothing. ha

  2. Hang in there friend, we’re here … just been busier than a one eyed cat in a fish shop 🙂
    Post comin!

  3. Dang! I posted a comment on 14 June and it disappeared into the ether! Who knows where these things go … maybe I has too many mobile devices switching between more static devices and it gets confused … I sure do have to sign in and verify my account a lot!

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