Working and working

When is a piece working or not working, when is the artist working and not working? If something comes easily is it not deep enough, explored enough? Or are they just moments when coalescing happens quickly? We all know that ‘look’ when something is overworked. Such a tipping point … that moment when it’s time to stop and call a piece done. I don’t always get that right.

This piece (final photo) may almost be done. I haven’t decided how to treat foreground-right yet, but will back to working on it tomorrow arv.

These last few years my pieces have become more and more descriptive – this made me very nervous at first but I was enjoying it so much I told those head voices to go away (language censored for publication).

The wonderful CT from this here blog said to me recently we need to feel happy with what we’re doing. I can’t quote verbatim, but I know what she said tapped into my own recent thoughts about self critique, self doubt, the questioning questioning questioning that happens on each piece. It’s necessary yes, but sure needs to be balanced out.

This blog is a fun editing tool – the pieces I post are pieces I’m happy with. I still question them but maybe always will 🙂

Background beginnings a few weeks back…






And close to done…



One thought on “Working and working

  1. LIKE it, Adrienne. Love those silouhetted (sounds like) trees in the distance especially. NICE colors, too. Am always amazed at the use of so many hues and it still looks so relaxing. I love it when we can looks back on a piece a year or two (dang, it’s still in storage moment) and think: ‘Wow, how the heck did I do that beauty?’ ha. I recall in my ‘more youthful’ days I sometimes thought ‘who am I trying to kid?’ … thankfully those moments don’t come anymore. Not for years now, really and whew. Your body of work that I’ve seen or seen pix of is lovely. Be happy!

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