Europe travels – The Netherlands part 1

After Germany I headed for the Netherlands, site of many previous visits linked to life as a child on a Dutch island and to former wife, who was from the city of Eindhoven.  Her mother was from a nearby town of Vught, growing up in a white country manor close to a castle.  Both buildings were featured in a painting (below) by Piet Slager, from ‘s-Hertogenbosch, also nearby.  Like the Wyeths, the Slager family was an artistic dynasty in the area, with multiple generations of accomplished artists.  The Slager Museum is always on my visit list, because you get to appreciate the family evolution in art and see various personal effects and sketches.

Image Image Image Image Image Image Image  Slager Museum next to Cathedral.Image  It doesn’t hurt that den Bosch, as it is known for short, has Heronimus Bosch as it’s native son.  I saw several of his bizarre works at the combined Nord Brabants/Stedelijke Museums for art and history.  Along with more interesting stairways and design exhibitions.

Image Image Image  Bird design cloaks.

Image Image Image Image Image Image


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