Vicarious travels in Europe

Since I’ve been traveling too hard to do much painting myself, but still want you all to know I’m thinking of you on the road, here are a series of posts of artwork and artistic museum views from my ongoing travels in Europe.

I started my trip in Germany on 5 June (my birthday) revisiting Landstuhl and Ramstein, where I lived and worked in the mid 90’s.  This put me within striking distance of Metz, France and the Alsace, both favorite spots.  It was good to visit without ankle biters in tow, and take my time walking, observing, and soaking up some kultcha.  Enjoy the images!

Image Image  Metz Cathedral.

Image The artist as an old man (playing young)

Image Image  Stairs from the Metz Museum, which incorporates the ruins of the Roman baths in the basement.  Metz was a Roman capital and the first major town sacked by Attila the Hun. Image Image Image Image  Medieval panels found during a house restoration.  These are about 6 ft high.

Image  Sculpture exhibit in the Metz Botanical Gardens.Image Image Image Image Canal boats along the Moselle River.


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