Copenhagen Arts

Copenhagen is a wonderful city for the arts.  The place is vibrant with a very young, prosperous population, all out and about in the long summer days.  I visited two of the many museums, the Statens Museum for Kunst (National Gallery) and the DanskDesign museum.  Johannes Baech is in the former, and wife Gudrun Meedom in the latter, although neither were on display this visit.  The National Gallery has added a major new wing for their contemporary collection since my last visit.  Here is a sampling of the Nordic artists from the end of the 19th C. through today. (Sorry, but I didn’t get the names of all of them.)

ImageImageImage Edvard Munch, Frugtbarhed-1900


Vilhelm Hammershøi-Seated Female Nude-1889Image  Ejnar Nielsen-Den Syge Pige

Image Astrid Holm-Rose Dækker Bord-1914 Image J.F. Willumsen-At an Old Towngate, Taormina-1914 Image J.F. Willumsen-winterscape ImageImage Niels Skovgaard-Heavy Swells at the West Coast of Jutland-1894

Image Edvard Weie-Vej Gennem Skov  Image John Davidsen – Twister – 1964ImageImageImage


The DanskDesign Museum had a special exhibition of Hans Wegner’s furniture designs.  He is the most famous of Skandinavian designers, producing over 3000 pieces in his lifetime, most of which seem immediately familiar.  They are also surprisingly comfortable regardless how exotic the design….kudos to the museum for providing numerous samples for visitors to sit in.  His most iconic chair became labeled as “The Chair” by American fans and media.  Johannes Baech and Gudrun Meedom knew him personally and had one of his original prototype couches in their living room.


The Chair

ImageImageImageImage Image (My mom sits in same sofa at Baech’s on a visit in the 1980s.  Johannes is at left.)

The other work on display wasn’t too shabby either, but unfortunately much of the museum was closed for roof repairs.

Image Britt contemplates Arne Jacobsen chairs.

ImageImageImage One of the more unusual mosaics I’ve ever seen, but nice reminder of home.


I’ve found a few moments to start a painting myself, but it is slow slogging due to an aggressive travel schedule.  I had fun one day teaching watercolors to the teen daughter of my current hosts in Zaltbommel, The Netherlands.  Otherwise, just being inspired by the surroundings.



3 thoughts on “Copenhagen Arts

  1. Love that mosaic. Wow. And so many others. You’ve been busy downloading your heart out, David. Thanks. Hope you’re well and know you’re busy, haha.

  2. Ditto that amazing mosaic – what IS that …?!!? Also loved ‘At Taormina Gate’ from 2014 (brought back memories) and the interior staircase shots from one of those galleries. Enjoyed them all really 🙂 and now wishing I was ‘on the road’ myself.

  3. The mosaic is a sculpt of a snake eating what appears to be a rabbit. If you can zoom in on the rabbit, the artist used a really interesting technique to create fur effect. Wish I could have touched it, because it looked wonderfully tactile.

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