Denmark – art on tour of north Jutland

My daughter, Britt, arrived from her semester abroad in South Africa and it was time to show her the ancestral roots in Denmark.  Since she is also a talented artist, it was easy to tag museums and art-related touring on the schedule.  Early on we paid a pilgrimage to Viborg, where I did my first Danish paintings in the mid-1970s, at her age.  I visited the home and neighborhood where I had stayed with Johannes Baech and Gudrun Meedom, a couple of artists who became like second grandparents to me.  My family has collected about 200 of their works, and you may have noted them if visiting my house.  It was strange visiting there for the first time after their deaths, but now my daughter can appreciate the familiar scenes in Johannes’ paintings.  They lived in the oldest part of this second-oldest city on Denmark, so lovely just walking around.

Image Former Baech residence.

SONY DSC Baech paintings from my Las Cruces Collects exhibition at the Las Cruces Museum in 2011-12.

Image Baech painting used on book cover in the local bookstore.

Image Image Image


We also visited one of my artist friends, Lone Worsoe, who I’d not seen in about 30 years.  I have several of her works and she’s featured in some of my own paintings/photos hanging in my house.  It was good to meet her current husband and enjoy a lovely sunset dinner in the garden before touring her gallery.

SONY DSC Works of and by Lone Worsoe in the Las Cruces Collects show.

DDS and Lone in gallery3-e  In her gallery now.


Earlier in the day, Britt and I visited Aalborg, in time to get a close view of the Danish queen on a royal visit.  The Danes are quite civil and relaxed about these things.

Queen's carriage passes-e

I especially wanted to visit the most northerly town in Denmark, Skagen, which developed fame as an artist colony for many of Denmark’s best impressionists.  They came for the long summer days and soft light by the sea.  The Brondums Hotel was their gathering point, and they developed a tradition of painting portraits and other scenes on the walls of the dining room.  This room became the core of a subsequent, lovely museum.

Skagen-sign shadows-e

Skagen-beautiful home-e Classic Skagen colors and roof tile work.

Skagen-Ancher house-f

Home of the painters Anna and Michael Ancher.

Skagen-Britt in museum-e PS Kroyer women on beach-f  P.S. Kroyer’s best known work:  Summer Evening on the Skagen Southern Beach with Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer.

Skagen-PS Kroyer pallette-f  P.S. Kroyer’s palette, mirrored in a roof weather vane nearby.

Skagen-roof decoration-f

truxum bonfire paintings-f Paintings by Lauritz Tuxum of the St. Hans bonfires on the longest night of the summer.  We experienced the real thing on the beaches near Svendborg a few nights later.

DDS bonfire2-e



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