Visit to the Johannes Larsen Museum

En route to Copenhagen, I took Britt to see another art pilgrimage spot, the fantastic home and gardens of Johannes Larsen in Keterminde.  His family lived in the house until relatively recently, and turned it over to the nation looking much as it did when the artist lived and painted there.  Larsen is immediately recognized in Denmark for his wildlife paintings and etchings, and is considered founder of the Fyn school of artists.  In many ways his art and home resemble that of the Baech’s, so it is a bit sad to think that something could have been done for Baech and his wife in Viborg.  Larsen’s childhood work was included on the walls, providing wonderful insight into his evolution over time.  Other family members were also artists and were displayed alongside Larsen and other Fyn school artists in a large attached museum.





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