Runner Medallions…for fun and little profit

Hey, have I been painting in our 100°+ F heat? Nah, not much since I finished the commission pieces and did 2 extra for portfolio. But, I designed and a friend made these raku medallions (well, I helped…I made the little runner for pressing into clay) for the 2014 SANTA FE THUNDER Half Marathon and 5K run in September. We agreed to do medallions (66 in all for each year) for 3rd, then 2nd and now 1st place. We’ve done them and we’re finished. We each made about $3. an hour I believe. haha. But we did it because we’ve both been in running, race walking and/or cycling races over our many years of living and it was a small way to say thanks for the fun of it all. Not to say I’m not glad it’s over. I had to put all the info on the backs, too. Finito, wheeeee.Image


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