New Contemporary gallery in Aarhus, Denmark

AroS is a very large and unusual new contemporary museum in Denmark’s second largest city.  It immediately became famous for two features, the Rainbow Walk on the roof (360 degree colored glass passageway) and for the giant lifelike sculpt of a crouching boy.  They had a very unusual installation exhibit based on light during my visit.  One piece was a room full of dense fog, lit in bright colors…once inside it took a while to find the exit again, but lots of fun trying.  And, of course, more interesting stair architecture.








Back in the Netherlands I was in the small, historic town of Zaltbommel for their annual art studio and gallery tour.  I was very impressed by who was hiding behind the ancient walls and doors of the burg.  Some excellent painters, sculptors, and fabric artists.  My cell camera died early so only have this shot with Renee Wolters, full of life in her huge walled garden.  I got a couple of excellent nude sketches of hers….will send pix when I pick them up later and can take some images.


Image Image

Zaltbommel-Renee Wolters garden-e

Renee Wolters-WC-model 31 Ella-f  Renee Wolters-pastel-woman in blue-f Two of Renee’s drawings that I added to my collection.

Maria Van Gerwen-Shiva sculpt-f A sculpt of another artist on the tour, Maria Van Gerwen.



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