In the zone

Hey, it looks like the WBHD-onesies have been busy making art and gathering ideas, great to see a flurry of posts from y’all 😀

I posted this piece a few weeks back, mid ramble, and now it’s finished and entered in our regional art awards. Be nice to be selected for it’s touring show, lots of stiff competition but it’s good to dream occasionally.

‘Orange Zone Survivor, After Rain’ 91x91cm Oil on Canvas


The piece had to be accompanied by a statement of how it addressed this year’s theme of ‘Vital Signs‘ and so here it be:

This painting emerged following a year of creating works centred around the Queensland bottle tree, dotted around the paddocks and on the ridgelines near my home.

The North Burnett and neighbouring Bundaberg landscapes were both temporarily and permanently changed by the 2013 floods, where vital signs of life existed beside, and amongst, scenes of utter devastation.

The ‘zone’ colours reference the Regional Ecosystem maps used by all property owners to manage their land. Within these maps, pockets of remnant treasures are documented by colour to create a picture of surviving habitats. Essentially, they are maps of vital signs of life across all Queensland landscapes.

A utopian, post-rain palette works to build a romantic notion of what is past and what remains, and heralds the vital signs of the survivor who sings out from a busy and vibrant landscape.

5 thoughts on “In the zone

  1. ” . . . the vital signs of the survivor who sings out from a busy and vibrant landscape.” Could be you.

    Rich. I’m guessing that we are missing a lot iof complex bark textures in the photos as indicated by some of your earlier detail shots? CC

  2. Yes Carey, lots of texture and depth there. My camera seems to have trouble doing a really crisp focus on my paintings – no hard edge to focus on. Have you got any tips? I’ve also noticed my focus lights in the viewfinder are playing up so maybe something is actually not right with it. Should perhaps have it checked out.

  3. I really like your writing, which adds so much to a beautiful work. I didn’t get an entry in this year. Couldn’t get my head around the vital signs theme. Cx

  4. Hey A, I get mixed results with photography. The most textured of recent work was taken in very even light and looses a lot. I will eventually shoot it in sunlight, perhaps on a slightly overcast day.
    A little bit of raking light pops the textures. Sunlight also helps push the contrast for me. Nothing too sophisticated as the pros can no doubt tell.

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