More drawings

This seems to be the direction that is unfolding for my drawings. I will probably use these designs for future digital version of a celestial chart. cxIMG_0214



9 thoughts on “More drawings

  1. Definite thematic direction. Elements that seem simple, elegant line drawings take on complexity in relation to their neighbors in conversation. CC

  2. Just really noticed that we have the same underlying grid and circle ground in our last two posts. CC

  3. Yeah, I don’t think one would casually relate them, but there are formal similarities and not just in the grid/circles.

  4. Which post was it that has the image you are talking about cc? I am keen to see it. Regards from Chris

  5. Hi Chris, The last one when you scroll down “Knew.” If you seach the link at the bottom and look at the very first image the similarities may be more evident looking past the abstraction: Grid with circles. a strong vertical acess (figure) right down the center, and “characters” surrounding the center. As I see it anyway . . .

  6. Ooops, the FIRST and only one posted on “Knew.” Confusing. If interested, you will have to copy and paste the link unfortunately.

  7. Hi again, Carey you can turn any link into a hyperlink in your post if you like – you may have worked this out? Copy the url you want, then highlight the pasted url in your post (or a word/words like “click here for my knew pieces”) and then in the tools above the main text area where you can choose bold, italic, etc, there is also a ‘link’ symbol, a little chain, click this and then a box pops up where you then paste the URL and shazam, hyperlinked :-]

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