A NEW changed one. Got that? IF YOU LONG ENOUGH

You’ve seen this before but I did some subtle changes before taking it in to Catherine at Unsettled yesterday. Added a slight glaze, then more white and a little blurb. As I recall it says something like: Her longing kept pushing her in her pursuit of white.

Most of you have already seen it on my FaceBook page, but for those who haven’t…

If you long enough 150


8 thoughts on “A NEW changed one. Got that? IF YOU LONG ENOUGH

  1. haha, like your latest has (relatively speaking) a more open center, no?

  2. A tutor I met a couple of years back talked about that being a ‘collapsed space’ in a painting. I liked that expression. It’s something I’ve been working on in my head but it’s not coming out through the painting most of the time. One day…

  3. Wow, I LOVE his work. Not the one he won an award for but the 2014 and 2013 works are brilliant! Couldn’t click on paintings to get larger images ’cause it took forf’ingever, but love what I could see. COLORist.

  4. It takes about 30 seconds here to download the first image, but then you can click on the arrow on right center of image and it will advance to the next one straight away.

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