I seem to be on a bit of a roll in redoing older pieces. This one WAS half of a diptych entitled Spring Song. Now? It’s a painting about my not being able to properly play all the musical instruments I own.  Scratched in the paint with pencil it says:

‘T.W. and M.W. play guitars. All kinds. W.E.W., too. R.W.W. plays a mouth harp on occasion. I own a uke. I don’t know how to play it. I own a guitar. I don’t know how to play it. I had an accordian I didn’t know how to play. I own a harmonica on which I cannot play a tune. Piano? Nope. I paint. I listen. I imagine.”

(F word, did I misspell ‘accordian’?????)Imagining 150


4 thoughts on “IMAGINING

  1. Reworking is interesting hey. Doing some here myself. Old pieces I thought were strongish at the time but now I think they need a huge boost. Ahuh, ‘accordion’ with an ‘o’ but I had to look that up :-]

  2. I typed in ‘accordian’ in the web dictionary and it came up that way as ok? WTF?

  3. It’s great to dig out old pieces and give them a new life!

  4. AND just got an email last eve from Todd Walton, one of my favorite authors, asking if he could use the image of this painting for his next CD cover….he also improvises on the piano. I will even get paid. Of course, I’ll use all that pay to buy more of his new book that will come out around the holidays…same as the CD. I’m stoked!

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