Last one for awhile….

I’m thinking I must start weeding and mowing and STUFF around the house. So will take a week or so off from the studio, waaaaaa. Real life intrudes now and again. Plus, I have to get most of my work out of RioBravo for the big fiber arts show coming. 

So, I’m going to start with the first incarnation of this canvas, 2010: AMERICAN TOWNLAND.american townland 300 copy

Then comes the second one, 2014: DREAMING IN THE GREY LIGHT’


then the last which I finished today. My favorite, though I’ve always loved that dark one at the top. This one: IMMERSE THE DREAM, 48″x 48″ acrylic and crayon on canvas. 

immerse the dream150


2 thoughts on “Last one for awhile….

  1. Nolan, I love this final (?) incarnation, the white is so dramatically opaque and ‘belongs’. I had to do the inches conversion… for we kids here, 121cm – a delicious size! Nice one. And yep, sometimes the non studio stuff demands attention. It’s always good to be able to walk from gate to door and not be covered in burrs and prickles eh? Starting to get that way here too…

  2. ha, I also had to run into TorC today (food/bank) and when I got home Winkler was pulling the tall grasses on the back hill. He stopped while I talked to him a minute and when he pulled his next bunch…I said…’Did you HEAR the buzzing? Stop and back off NOW’….he didn’t hear it. Dang, he MUST wear his hearing aids if he’s gonna do that kinda work where ya can’t see the ground for the grasses. Dang. We never saw it…just moved away. It won’t be there manana. sigh. Hey! I may have saved his life!!! He owes me.

    And thanks for the kind words on the final piece. I’m loving it. I love titanium white.

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