Archival Survival

About 400 years ago I gave away a set of plan drawers. So huge and heavy and cumbersome, no space to store them at the time, and I just seem to lose papers in them rather than use them well.

Phhhhfffff. Little did I know I’d dance on the edges of printmaking 25 years later and discover a storage and filing problem. After going through a large box of prints last year to find artworks, over and over and over again (sometimes it takes a while for the light bulb to click on) I realised I needed a better system and so mused for some more months on having an existing cabinet of drawers remodelled with thinner drawers for prints. I mean, let’s not rush into these things.

And that ended up paying off as I decided to go looking for a more low cost option and found a variety of different sized flat archival boxes that were acid free and easy to order, deliver and assemble. Next step is to stare at the pile of boxes for a few more months and then take a deep breath and pull out the big box of prints and start sorting. And the archival boxes will fit within the cabinet of drawers. Yay.

For the Orstraylians: (love that name)



2 thoughts on “Archival Survival

  1. I have about 5 flat files mostly full. MUST take time and start tossing OLD, OLD, yucky stuff.

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