High Desert to Wide Bay



Greetings Friends. My Wife Heather will shortly begin a great career opportunity in Maryland.

I will stay on here in New Mexico to wrap things up, but expect to join her no later than next spring. Our time in Las Cruces influenced my active return to painting and this High Desert river valley has been my partner in pallette and imagery. Thanks for the opportunity to collaborate with you all on Wide Bay, High Desert, Part I. Thanks especially to Catherine at the Unsettled Gallery for her encouragement and support.

So – the picture above was made during the last few weeks of waiting to find out if we might be relocating to the Wide Chesapeake Bay. 20″ square, acrylic and drawing with touches of collage and spray paint. I think that it looks pretty optimistic.

Formally it is based on about one 15th of another recent painting, detail here:

DetailIt is one of my “Cel” paintings, meaning that it reminds me of a cell from a cartoon animation. Not much mystery perhaps, but I sometimes like the avenue of sharp, clear construction.

Still around here for a while, but seemed like a good time to say thanks. CC



7 thoughts on “High Desert to Wide Bay

  1. Where to start… okay the art. Agree, very optimistic that piece and thank goodness you’re all the way over there or I’d have to raid the piggy bank and nab that one. It’s all gentle and strength, fused. YUM.
    And nice post title – heading to a Wide Bay. Very thrilled for you both with the next step. Really look forward to seeing the next pieces that emerge through the transition.
    How blooming’ grand it’s been to work with you over the blog.

  2. Blooming grand is right! I have really enjoyed your observations and the humour you have bought to the table….and of course, your wonderful art. I wish you and Heather every success and happiness in your new venture. I’m glad you will still be around a bit longer. I feel sure we will keep in touch. Isn’t the internet a wonderful thing?
    I really like this work with the powerful black symbol/s. Such a strong statement. C x

  3. Thanks Chris and A. I appreciate both the affirmations and the occasional gentle critiques to push me a little. CC

  4. I have always thought that artists are generous when they offer their advice. You cañ always get something out of it..

  5. Like both those paintings, Carey.
    As for moving……good for you guys, bad for us. EXCEPT, one of my ‘romantic’ places I’ve always wanted to visit is the Chesapeake Bay, so expect an older artful couple to visit you guys in the not too distant future. YES!
    But, DANG, we’ll miss you out here. Catherine and Donald at Unsettled are blue, too.

  6. Wow CC … I’ve been rather absent from here for awhile. Hope your move brings some exciting new adventures and all goes smoothly. Noice to see you’re keeping up the WBHD theme!! On the painting side, seems filled with light and air – something that flowed ever so easily. Love it! It’s been great working with you, and stay in touch 🙂

  7. Hi Jenny, I had hoped to meet you here in LC before CC from LC to DC and MD. Perhaps we’ll meet yet.
    Nolan, I have wet my toes in the Chesapeake for museum excursions on the Easter Shore and loved it. I remember “Chesapeake” by James A. Michener as being a great read. Maybe time to dust it off . . . CC

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