Oh, thank God for that. This full sheet is all but finished. I will have a spell from drawing now for a while, as I have some works to prepare for the local art competition. I hope this photo gives better definition than the images I have been posting in the past of my drawings.



5 thoughts on “Finished!

  1. Wahooo! That is rich and beautiful and funny (pathetic dog owner oohing at the dogs). Are we allowed to ask about it? Title?
    You probably know this Chris, but you might find if you open the image in photoshop and go to image menu > adjustments > levels and have a twiddle with the sliders (you can click the preview box and watch it happen) that you can get a bit more paper white but adjust the middle slider to retain the greyscale pencil. It’s much more sensitive than using the contrast slider. Others may weigh in with better Psd tips. :-]

  2. I opened in iPhoto and pushed the exposure w/a little + contrast and the image pops. Also helps to zoom in to see everything that is going on in this complex composition. Strictly for my own viewing. . .
    What are you doing for the local competition? CC

  3. Thanks CC and A. I have tried your advice and think I have a better image now. The main problem is that I am using my iPad so much now and it’s camera has some limitations, as does its edit function. I think I am better to take the photo with my dslr and then bring it into the iPad . Anyway, I will post another pic. I am a bit disappointed with the drawing. I think I am a bit heavy handed with the pencil..Not at all like the soft tones that Ryden achieves. But , not to worry, it has been an interesting exercise. The circle contains the various star constellations taken from pictures of old celestial charts, and a few Creatures I made up and added for fun.

    I added the toys at the bottom, to introduce unassociated material as some of the Pop Surrealists would do. The board game has been an ongoing motif appearing regularly in my work. I am attracted to the strategy of the game to achieve power and to finally reach ‘Home’. In a sense the work I have produced depicts something of a spiritual journey. The pentagon at the top of the circle , crowns the work, developed as it is elegantly from its roots in mathematics and physics and ‘pi’. I have a sense of the beauty of such a thing as a pentagon, from having created a few when I was working through ideas with infinity patterns and so on. I made large canvases and released the image of the pentagon by describing arcs with a large compass. It was fascinating.
    So, I would call the work ‘Home’ for now…until I can come up with something better…c x

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