Down, down, down, up, up, up

So, I’ve been revisiting some works from last year, scraping through the bones and overpainting new body parts. This can go a little ‘frankenstein’, as did this piece, so I turned the monster to face the wall for a while… before I set fire to it!

Something I’ve been doing lately is to take a phone pic of the beast and printing it out small so I have a dodgy print on which to scribble and scrawl and resolve things at a smaller size. This piece is 91 x 91cm (36 x 36in) so it’s big, and too big to play around on at this point, it needs a surgery plan.

134_Downsize01Gouache and acrylic are slopped on here in a wrinkly mess, still around the zone colours I’ve been using, and it feels like I’ve got somewhere to go next time I face it.

Below is the current incarnation, and it’s been through a few non-working versions to get to this non-working version, but looking at it in small scale has been a good exercise (‘cos seriously, it’s rubbish up big!).




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