Nolan speaks at Unsettled Gallery

It was good to see Nolan again, saying a few words about her work at the closing reception at recent Unsettled Gallery exhibition.  Also got to introduce one of my close art friends from Virginia, Jon Moneymaker, who was out for a week of hiking and inspiration from our desert and mountains.  He estimates he’s got a thousand future paintings in his camera.

Nolan talks 30aug14-2-f Nolan talks 30aug14-f


Jon and I paid a visit to Three Rivers Trading Post….you may recognize the subject of my painting that was in ChArtS.

DDS by 3 rivers tower-fDDS and Jon above Dripping Springs-e

2 thoughts on “Nolan speaks at Unsettled Gallery

  1. haha, thanks, Dave. Notice the ‘oh, my dog!’ hand/arm expression on the other woman in the pix? I had a swell time. No sales, but it was fun to see how Catherine selected and hung the work. She always does a smashing job. I’m just so sorry the USofA has no more middle class to buy my work! Heck, I couldn’t even afford my work!

  2. I know how you feel Nolan. We are virtually having to give our art away here in Oz!

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