Been a long time. TOYS r us!

So, am working on very small items for a gallery in Santa Fe having a toy themed holiday show in December. Also, our own Catherine Brenner at Unsettled is having an ‘ornamental’ exhibition same month. They’re both getting toys in painting and drawing form. 5″x 5″ and having too much fun so far. They are all ink, acrylic & graphite and some crayon on rice paper (old sumi e paintings) mounted to masonite panels. Yes, the masonite was gessoed with black so sides are black, too. bunny jacks slinky baby blue


5 thoughts on “Been a long time. TOYS r us!

  1. Thanks. Couldn’t think of how to put my ‘real’ painting style with toys so just had fun with them. they will sell for very little money, so….hope they all sell! haha

  2. Luv the Bunny Nolan, but they’re all very ‘cute’ …
    Actually, no … after some contemplation, they’re really a little bit ominous and threatening, in a ‘Sideshow Clown’ kinda way.

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