New ground a year on

When Dave braved a visit to Mt Perry last year we headed out on a bottle tree search and stumbled upon this beautiful hillside of grass trees near the town of Monto. Two weeks ago I finally got back there, and my travelling buddies pointed out to me that there were also bottle trees growing on the slopes above them. So this is part of a new site I’m going to explore, and see what happens. These little sketches are headed to Woodgate Arts in Spring this weekend. Really looking forward to getting into more next week. AW_136  Just a phone pic, so need to go back with all the sketcharama bits and the good camera… and get up earlier… and…

New Ground Grass and Bottle 2014  Gouache and Acrylic on Arches  17cm x 25cm AW_14_NewGroundGrassandBottle_E New Ground Grass Tree Hill  2014  Gouache and Acrylic on Arches  15cm x 15cm   AW_14_NewGroundGrassTreeHill_E


3 thoughts on “New ground a year on

  1. Thanks Nolan, from you, and Chris, well, it’s made my night. Nice to embark on some new stuff, while the older is drying in the studio. Rearranged a table today so I can start on a larger version of these on paper, plus a canvas version.

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