more toy babies

I couldn’t figure out if I could add to my last post….so here’s the new one with more ‘toy’ painting/drawings….

elephantu elephant panda pandau jacksjacks


3 thoughts on “more toy babies

  1. Panda is excellent. He’s a little bit dark, mischievous?

  2. Dark ’cause he’s a dirty boy! And vintage. ha. And maybe mischievous. Thanks for that spelling…I always thought it was pronounced: mischievious. What a dope am I. Carey’s done some nice new paintings, wish he’s log in and share.

  3. Oh, yeah, Catherine and Donald and 2 women artists from the gallery came up for lunch on Sunday and Catherine said ‘yes’ to these Xmas show pieces, whew. AND more. Now I can get back to MY work. wheeeee

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